CRM system and emotional intelligence: how technology helps understand customer requests

  • 5.3.2024
  • Written by Vladyslava Rykova
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Customers buy because of the emotions your brand awakens in them. Even if these are spontaneous, impulsive purchases, and the buyer is not familiar with your company at all, emotions play a key role in decision making. The company’s quick response is important here, because it determines whether the client will become a regular and return with repeat orders. CRM system is a modern technological solution that allows you to make customers fall in love with you and make them choose you again and again.

Interesting fact: after implementing a CRM system, the level of customer satisfaction increases by an average of 23%. Interestingly, when analyzing the data, it was found that happy customers who received personalized service through CRM not only began to return for purchases more often, but also increased their average purchase by 20%.

CRM система й емоційний інтелект

How CRM helps you win customers

CRM has long been recognized as a key tool for managing customer relationships, but when elements of emotional intelligence are introduced into this process, new opportunities for business growth open up.

CRM in the hands of an experienced manager is the best source of information about the requests, preferences and expectations of your target audience. This is important because it helps improve service quality and customer satisfaction. The system can identify situations where a customer is satisfied or dissatisfied and respond accordingly. For example, negative requests can be neutralized with a gift or bonus, which CRM will certainly remind you of. And the store will also never forget about its favor and respect thanks to personalized congratulations that the CRM system will automatically send according to the rules you set.

CRM also opens up new opportunities for personalizing customer interactions. Systems can tailor their responses and recommendations to suit each customer’s individual needs and requests, creating a deeper service experience. By analyzing a large amount of data, CRM not only determines the habits of a specific person, but also understands the individual triggers and emotional needs of each client.

This allows you to create unique offers tailored to specific interests and provide personalized advice or special offers. As a result, the client feels that you understand him better than his partner, which helps to strengthen loyalty and increase the likelihood of repeat purchases. CRM systems are becoming a key tool in creating a unique and personalized shopping experience, facilitating effective interaction with customers based on their individual needs and expectations.

Which CRM system to choose to win customers

KeyCRM is an innovative platform for e-commerce and sales that opens up many opportunities for personalization and improvement of interaction with customers. The platform allows you to:

  • immediately process customer requests through any channels, in particular Instagram, Telegram, Viber, Facebook;
  • create personalized offers and increase the average bill;
  • send automatic messages that improve loyalty – happy birthday, reminder to use bonuses, invitation to take part in a sale;
  • create and implement loyalty programs to attract and retain even more customers.

And of course, where would we be without analytics? KeyCRM’s built-in analytics engine allows companies to easily determine the effectiveness of their personalization strategies, ensuring continuous improvement of the experience and maximizing the loyalty of each customer.

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