Case on the promotion of the Ortos orthopedic salon network website

Initial data

Subject: Ortos orthopedic salon network

Geo: Ukraine

Number of visitors from organic at the start of work is 4,000 per month

Period of work: September 2018 – March 2019

Tasks: improved usability, increased organic traffic.

At the start of the work, an audit of the website was conducted, with the help of which the following typical optimization errors were detected:

  • incorrect files robots.txt and sitemap.xml;
  • incorrect formation of meta tags and headers;
  • duplicates of pages;
  • indexing problems due to a large number of pages, etc.

But there were also 3 main reasons why the website received less traffic:

  • errors in the semantic core distribution;
  • problems with the Ukrainian version of the website;
  • drop in the link mass due to an incorrect change in the structure.

During the link mass analysis, it was found that after a recent change in the structure, page-by-page 301 redirects were not configured and some of the links began to “fall off”. A typical mistake when changing the structure, which many novice specialists (and not only) make, is not setting up redirects if the pages do not bring traffic. They forget that links (both reverse and internal) can lead to these pages. As a result, the link mass is lost and pages with the 404 (Not Found) response code appear.

Since not quite a lot of time has passed since the change of structure, it was decided to analyze all external links for quality and availability, and then set up 301 redirects where it was possible and necessary. Thus, it was possible to save most of the link mass.

Next, an analysis of competitors in this niche was carried out, which included:

  • Analysis of traffic and requests by which competitors are ranked.
  • Content analysis.
  • Traffic types used.
  • Link analysis.
  • Functionality, use of interesting features, etc.

Services we used when working on the project: Serpstat, Screaming Frog, Netpeak Spider, etc.

After the analysis, we built a promotion strategy that included:

  • correction of all technical errors;
  • thorough work out of the semantic core;
  • work on improving usability;
  • plan to increase the link mass based on the analysis of competitors and the current state of the website.

See below the results that we managed to achieve in just six months of work on a fairly large project ↓

Domain visibility:

сеть ортопедических салонов Ortos, видимость

Changing the number of keywords by which the website is ranked:

Изменение количества ключевых фраз, по которым ранжируется сайт

Traffic dynamics for the year:

Динамика трафика за год

Organic traffic increased by 61%:

Органический трафик вырос на 61%

And in conclusion, we would like to remind you that each project requires an individual approach, because behind standard template analyses there is a chance to miss very important tasks.

But in promoting online stores, it is important to remember that there are basic tasks that everyone needs to perform:

  • carefully work out the structure;
  • optimize only important pages;
  • monitor the website technical condition;
  • track changes in the assortment (products can be added or removed);
  • and be sure to analyze what tasks were done before the project came to you for promotion – after all, the future strategy will depend on it.

If you have any questions or need consultation – write to us! We will be happy to help you promote your business!

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  • Date: 01.11.2019
  • Category: SEO
Team up with MAVR - the next amazing case study could be yours

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