Case of optimization of Google Business Profile for the Mamin Dom (Mother’s House) Company

About the customer: The Mamin Dom Company has a network of centers for future mothers and children, which include the following:

  • Shop of children’s goods
  • Children’s polyclinic
  • Early development center

Geo: Ukraine, Kharkiv and Kyiv

Task: Optimization and restoration of the existing Google Business Profile cards (number of branches: 23).

The special feature of the customer’s business is that all three branches (the shop, the polyclinic and the development center) are located at the same address, but they have different offices, works schedule and thematic. This is why all branches needed individual cards in Google Business Profile for the users to get current information on every direction, and for the cards to be optimized according to the certain thematic.


All the cards were created for all the addressed and branches, but at the same time 6 cards were unapproved and 3 were blocked.

Stages of resolving this task:

1. Approval of 6 cards.

We used a standard way for card approval, which is approval by post. In cases when the letter was not received within 14 days, we used manual approval.

2. Restoration of blocked cards.

To restore the blocked cards, we needed to discover the reason for which they were blocked. We addressed the technical support of Google Business Profile with this question. And only after discovering the reasons and unblocking the pages, we managed to begin the main part of our work, which was optimization.

3. Optimization of all cards

During the preliminary analysis, it was discovered that the categories did not meet the thematic in some cards, the company description was missing and the titles were obviously overly optimized.

The following actions were performed for the purpose of optimization of all cards:

  • The names were corrected. We removed the overloads and created short and clear names.
  • The categories, due to which the cards would be shown in the search, were corrected.
  • The services and prices were described for the cards of the polyclinic and the development center (because the customers often ask questions regarding the services provided).
  • All the data on the companies was added.
  • Unique descriptions for all the cards were written and added.
  • Photos with geotags were added.

But it also should be noted that difficulties arose during the card optimization. After the addition of new information, the cards were suddenly blocked. We contacted the technical support again. After the verification of the cards, the system automatically considered them to be doubles and blocked them. This status was conferred to them because three cards (for the shop, the polyclinic and the development center) were created for the same address.

We managed to resolve this problem, having proven that this was the special feature of the Mamin Dom Company by providing the required information to the technical support specialists. Therefore, all the cards were unblocked, and they are available at each address with their own data.

4. Training

The training of the employees of the Mamin Dom Company also took place: they were told how to use, fulfill and correctly promote the cards to achieve great success in the future in detail. Currently the employees supply the cards with the required information and introduce changes to them by themselves.

Work results:

All 23 cards were optimized. Now it became easier for the customers of the Mamin Dom Company to find the current information on every branch. For instance, the cards of the shop and the development center are now available at the certain address. Results of query regarding the shop of children’s goods in Lipkovskoho str.

Результаты запроса по ул. Липковского для магазина детских товаров

Results of query regarding the development center in Lipkovskoho str.:

Результаты запроса по ул. Липковского для Центра развития

After the card optimization, the number of impressions increased: the customers began finding the company more often due to its category and services provided. The screenshot below demonstrates the statistics regarding one of the optimized Google Business Profile cards.

статистика по одной из оптимизированных карточек Google Мой бизнес

The impressions of the company in Google Maps and Google Search increased. Here is the example of the quarter statistics regarding one address.

Увеличились показы компании на Google Картах и в Google Поиске

Also the number of performed actions increased. More and more often the users who found the company in the search opened the website and created routes on the maps. Also the customers began calling and asking topical questions. The example of the quarter statistics regarding one address is shown below.

клиенты начали звонить и задавать актуальные вопросы


Due to optimization of the Google Business Profile pages, the following was increased:

  • impressions of the company in the search and on the map;
  • number of transitions to the website and calls;
  • number of visits to the branches at their addresses.

If you have not added your company to the Google Business Profile yet, we recommend you to do so, because it is an important and free tool during local business promotion in the Internet.

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Team up with MAVR - the next amazing case study could be yours

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